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Port and Harbour Dredging

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  • Maintenance dredging for the Ports of Auckland Ltd in both Auckland and Onehunga.
  • Port of Tauranga Sulphur Point Wharf Construction, 800,000m3 of sand pumped from –19m.
  • Pumping directly into the trailing suction dredger Resolution in Auckland for WestHam Dredging in 1992.
  • Channel clearing and beach replenishment for Napier City Council.
  • Shipping channel maintenance dredging for Northland Port Corporation Ltd.
  • Capital dredging for the Port of Napier Ltd in 1995.
  • Dredging to –15m in Shakespeare Bay for Port Marlborough NZ Ltd.
  • America’s Cup Viaduct Village in Aucklands Viaduct Basin in Auckland, 160,000 m3 of hard sandstone was excavated by the Kimahia and dumped at sea 150 kilometers from Auckland.
  • Capital dredging for Port Gisborne Ltd. Excavation of 200,000 m3 from the entrance channel and swinging basin to a depth of 10.5m CD in 1999/2000.
  • Port Nelson Limited. Channel maintenance and some capital dredging inside the swinging basin in 2000.
  • Pumping ashore 100,000m3 of sand dumped by the WestHam trailer dredge Pelican for the Port of Tauranga Ltd in 2000
  • Maintenance dredging for Port Napier Ltd and Napier City Council in 2000
  • Northport Wharf Development Berths 1 & 2 The excavation of 1,700,000m3 of sands and the formation of the 32ha reclamation for new the deep water Port at Marsden Point for Northport in 2002.
  • Deepening of the FX berth at the Fergusson terminal for Ports of Auckland Ltd in 2003.
  • Maintenance dredging with the BHD Kimahia in Timaru in 2003
  • Maintenance dredging with the BHD Kimahia in Lyttelton in 2003
  • Maintenance dredging with the BHD Kimahia in Nelson in 2003.
  • Maintenance dredging with the BHD Kimahia in Napier in 2003
  • The dredging of hard Parnell Grits from the Rangitoto Channel for Ports of Auckland Ltd in 2004
  • Rangitoto Channel Deepening for the Ports of Auckland Ltd – 800,000m3 of sands and silts were dredged from the channel, stabilized with cement and placed in the 10ha reclamation.
  • Drilling, blasting and dredging of rock to deepen Blyde Wharf berth at Port Taranaki in 2001.
  • Northport Wharf Development Berth 3 Dredging 350,000m3 to reclamation for the new Berth 3 at Northport
  • Port Taranaki Deepening 2005 – 800,000m3 of rock and gravels dredged from channel and turning basin.
  • Maintenance dredging and mudcreting for Ports of Auckland in 2009
  • Maintenance and capital dredging for Port of Napier in 2010
  • Maintenance and capital dredging for PrimePort Timaru in 2011
  • Earthquake recovery dredging from Lyttelton Port of Christchurch in 2011
  • POAL Maintenance Dredging and Fy/Fz Deepening Maintenance and capital dredging for the Ports of Auckland, 2012

Heron Construction is a family owned and operated marine construction company that specialises in using backhoe dredgers for marine dredging. Established in 1964, our team has been providing construction companies with a quality dredging service for over 45 years.

As Heron celebrates 50 years of operation, it can look back on a wide range of successful projects.
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